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What You Might Not Know About Ile-ife, the Ooni, And The Significance of Olojo Festival


By: Tunde Ogunmola

His imperial majesty, Ogunwusi Adeyeye Enitan is the 51st Ooni of Ife.

There is a special crown called ‘Ade-Aare’ Crown which the Ooni wears once in a year during the Olojo festival’s cultural procession. Ade Aare is an ornamentally embellished sacred and symbolic crown. The sacredness and authority of this beaded crown can be traced to the first king that ruled the whole world. He is called NIMROD by the Hebrews, LAMURUDU as known by the Yorubas or ARAMPHAEL as being called by the Arabs.

Olojo Festival is celebrated with series of events spanning two weeks including seven sacred days. Part of the tenets of the highly spiritual festival is that Oonirisa, the Ooni of Ife, goes into a state of seclusion in which he has (physical and spiritual communal with his ancestors, the esoteric beings and Almighty God) for five sacred days during which he does not interact with mortals.

The Oonirisa comes out of the spiritual solitude on a Friday referred to as (Ojo Ilagun) a day of earth cleansing, with a terrestrial message to the world.

The earth symbolic conviviality is usually on Saturday which is the day that Oonirisa wears the Aare sacred crown.

Olojo’s ceremonial cultural grand finale is on Sunday, dedicated for the general celebration during which Obas, High Chiefs, Priests, various family compounds, youths, women and various groups in the town rejoice and pay homage to the Oonirisa with traditional dances and cultural pageant displays, exchange of gifts and receipts of royal awards to the admiration of the populace and international tourists.







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