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Moji Olaiya: Family disagree over burial arrangement


The Olaiya’s and Nigeria as a whole has been thrown into shock and mourning following the sudden death of popular Yoruba actress Moji Olaiya yesterday Thursday in Canada after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Recent reports say that the late actress’ family are currently not in one accord as burial arrangement of the deceased is causing a rift within the family.

It should be noted that Moji who was born a Christian converted to Islam later in life, and in accordance with Muslim rites, some fraction of the family are of the opinion that the actress be interred today, however others strongly disagree as her 20-year-old daughter, Adun who insists that her mother’s corpse be brought back for burial in Nigeria.

‘She must be brought back,’ Adun said. ‘I don’t care what anybody says, I just want my mother’s body’, a broken hearted Adun reportedly said.

May God be with the family at this point.


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