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Must You be Reckless to Drive In Lagos?


Accidents on Lagos roads can be attributed to the recklessness and impatience of drivers, the poor maintenance of vehicles, especially commercial buses, and the bad, unsafe conditions of the roads. The first is often the case, with road users trying to beat other road users to traffic lights, reluctant to wait their turn, or maneuvering their way through spaces far too small for them. The accident scene captured in the photos below point to this fact.

According to eye witnesses, the accident might have been avoided if the bus driver had been a little more careful. The driver was said to have stopped the bus abruptly in moving traffic, with just enough time for a passenger to alight. The passenger door hit the back of the car hard and smashed it’s window. Although no one was injured, a scuffle ensued between both drivers and, as could be expected, it resulted in traffic holdup. If the bus driver had patiently parked the bus and had not been so reckless, this would have been avoided.

In Ibadan where I have lived most of my life, things are different. Of course, there is still the impatience that most Nigerian drivers exhibit there but the careless, near nonchalant driving style of Lagos drivers is missing. I wonder then if reckless driving is unique to Lagos drivers. Do Lagos drivers drive the way they do because they need to, in a sense, keep up with other road users? Or are the drivers in Lagos just plain reckless without even giving much thought to their driving?


Photos: Temitope Aina

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