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My Dream Johnny Is Beyond The Physical – Yemi Alade


Right now, we can’t help but say that a few divas in the Nigerian music scene are totally representing and representing big time. Long gone are those days when the female clan basically “tagged along” while the guys received all the accolades, presently, the new chics have definitely set out with just one purpose- “To Make A Statement!”

Today we sit with one of Nigeria’s hottest female acts who would no doubt be described as the “King Of Queens” for a considerable time to come.


Happenings Magazine: What was is like working with Selebobo on both ‘Johnny’ and ‘Tangerine’?

Yemi Alade: The experience was awesome. Obviously they are two different songs and they happened in two different places – Johnny was recorded in Enugu and that was my very first time of meeting Selebobo, have been a fan of his song already, and I was quite excited about it even though I slept halfway while he was making the beat, but immediately I woke up and I heard what I heard, I knew it was signed and delivered. And ‘Tangerine’ is almost like a whole different package from the producer.

Happenings Magazine: After much anticipation, you’ll be dropping your debut album “Kings Of Queens” in a matter of days, tell us the inspiration behind it?

Yemi Alade: ‘King Of Queens’ is a long story of a girl on an album, for people who exceptionally stand out and believe that they are kings in their various fields – people who believe they can achieve anything and don’t settle anything less than the best, those are the people that the album aim for, so if you don’t aim for the best I don’t think you should buy the album [Laughs]

Happenings Magazine: You’ve been singing since 2005, why did it take you soo long to drop an album?

Yemi Alade: I know my counterparts will always say they’ve been singing from their mother’s womb, that’s not possible because ‘na witch be that’ [Laughs]. I have been singing for a long time, for a period of ten years basically I have undergone a lot of self-discovery which is still on-going – I used to be part of girl group called ‘Naughty Spices’, then took part in a talent show and that pushed me forward, I knew I had to make a career out of my talent. So there wasn’t exactly a ‘wait’, I have been in the process of discovering the kind of artist I wanted to be, the kind of music I wanted to produce, the target audience and at the moment I think I am finding it.

Happenings Magazine: Is there a song that you’re particularly excited about in this album, the one you can’t wait to see your fans’ reaction to?

Yemi Alade: every song is another story from Yemi Alade, another topic, another song, another thing you can relate to. It’s just like asking me which is my best day of the week? I don’t have a best day; sometimes Mondays are awesome because I get ice-cream.

Happenings Magazine: Should we expect a joint album with Selebobo?

Yemi Alade: I know right, its necessary isn’t it? Well as long as we are alive, we can. Why not?

Happenings Magazine: Should we expect an international collaboration in your new album?

Yemi Alade: Well of course.

Happenings Magazine: Do you want to let us in on any one?

Yemi Alade: No. The album drops on the 29th of September 2014; it’s just a few days away. Just wait and you will get the piece of the surprise yourself.

Happenings Magazine: Common it’s still publicity for the album too?

Yemi Alade: Just hold one [Laughs]

Happenings Magazine: We love the new Yemi Alade we’ve been seeing lately, what inspired your new sense of style?

Yemi Alade: The new me? Ok you can call it the new me, it’s just another side of Yemi Alade, there is no telling what you see somewhere else [Laughs]. Thank you for the compliment, like I said before, this part to discovering myself has led me here, you know I love up), I’m not good with long weaves and so I found myself in this little niche that I love – my little crown. And everything just seems to be in place, King Yemi Alade, no time.


Happenings Magazine: Did you come up with concept for your videos?

Yemi Alade: I always like to be part of projects

Happenings Magazine: 

Yemi Alade: A particular kind of ice cream and not those cheap ones, when I’m having ice cream I feel guilty because I know where it’s going to. I also know it kills the sexy but ice cream remains my guilty pleasure and Chinese.

Happenings Magazine: So I guess you can eat with the chopsticks?

Yemi Alade: I can’t oh [Laughs] if I am allowed to use my hand I will.

Happenings Magazine: What do you look out for in your dream Johnny?

Yemi Alade: My dream Johnny goes beyond the physical appearance, you have be okay intellectually, you have to fear God of course, great sense of humour, no smell. That’s the starting point for me I guess.

Happenings Magazine: Thank you very much for your time

Yemi Alade: Nagode.




Craziest thing youve ever done?

At a beach show last year, I decided to jump on one of the open sides of the beach

Walls to perform and I later jumped into the crowd! You should have been there.


Sexiest part of your body?

My eyes


Celebrity Crush?



Worst dressed celeb?

Lady gaga


If I was your Genie, what would your wish right now?

I would request for a hit song by me- Yemi Alade ft Nicki Minaj and Chris brown


Which celebrity would you kiss?

 Usher Raymond


Which of your traits are you most ashamed of?

 Lol! The way I laugh out loud most times.


Would you rather be famous in this lifetime or go down in the History Books?

I would rather be exceptionally and outstandingly famous and Legendry in my life

Time! There is no way I wouldn’t go down in history books.


Most embarrassing moment

When I was performing before a large crowd and I couldn’t hit one of my very high

Notes *sigh*


Do you sleep butt naked or with underwear



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