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On NaijaBet, Ailing President Buhari, and the Decay of Our Morals


The prolonged stay of President Muhammadu Buhari in the Queen’s country since the beginning of 2017; from January 19th – March 10th and jetting out of the country in less than two months to the United Kingdom on May 17th. His 88 days medical vacation has resulted in a lot of prolonged heated discussion.

The return of the President has become a crux for gamblers as Nigeria’s leading playbook maker, NairaBet has started a betting odd on when the President would return to Nigeria.

In a country where respect and morals is deemed inviolable, one can’t help but wonder at the kind of stunt NairaBet is pulling. The gaming house is placing wagers on the president’s return from N1,000 and beyond, allowing gamblers predict the possible return of the nation’s ailing leader.

Despite words of promise of the President returning soon from the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, odds are being placed on the President returning on the fourth week of August while the second week has the lowest odds at 1.15 to 1. It’s quite understandable that a sports betting company like NaijaBet would like to milk opportunities when they see one, but their current faux-political preoccupation is morbid and disgusting. Beyond that, the seed of unrest and discord has already been sown.

The opposition party PDP, as usual, have been slinging mud at the ruling party APC. Whether President Buhari returns or not shouldn’t be fetishized. President Buhari is still president, and still alive (if reports are to be believed), irrespective of the country he stays in and communicates from.

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