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Naira Bet CEO Gives the Youths a Lesson in Humility


There aren’t many men of means who are able to demonstrate the virtue of humility, this is not the case with the CEO of one of Nigeria’s biggest sports betting company, Akin Alabi. Naira Bet as an organisation is known to rake in figures in their millions, however the man at the helm of affairs, Akin Alabi is known not just for his penchant for stirring controversy on social media, but he gave the youths a lesson in humility.

Thanks to social media, our world has become one where appearance is everything and to command respect, it is important to show pictures of strictly luxury living. Daring to show that you have simple tastes, is likely to affect your idol status. It is therefore stiff competition to show off luxury cars, gadgets, first class sits and palatial homes on social media.

In a shocking photo that surfaced on Instagram, the enterprising CEO, shared a photo of himself in economy class, as he prepares to return to Nigeria from Russia. Recall that Akin Alabi travelled to Russia, to support the Super Eagles in their football matches, at the FIFA World Cup 2018, however after the ignominious defeat the Super Eagles suffered at the hands of Argentina, in a 2-1 scoreline see here, Akin Alabi is on his way home.

Of course the photo of him on social media in a crowded economy class, has tongues wagging, trust Nigerians to go crazy with speculations. Thus, we learn an important lesson, that true wealth is not characterized by showing off just luxury living on social media to ‘pepper dem’.

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