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NASCO Moments set for Radio


The family brand, NASCO, has added a new flavour to its wealth of rewards- it’s the NASCO Moments radio show- a lively programme that tackles social issues with a dynamic mix of guest-talk and listener online participation.

Joy Isi Bewaji, writer and speaker, comes with her wit, charm and spark as the host of the show to give it the kick it requires. The show offers a fresh take on all the questions we ask daily, plus topics that demand expert advice.

“We invite listeners to participate in what we call the ‘Nigerian banter’, both on-air and online,” media consultant and producer of the show, Mr. Harry Haroun Audu says; “audiences will love the package as it involves real issues and real voices.”


NASCO, famous for its quality products stretching over decades, is reaching out to more families and individuals with the NASCO Moments radio show where families can share tips and discoveries on issues that affect them and society.

“NASCO is providing a virtual café for listeners to share stories, build on information that can repair lives, draw attention to crucial social issues and spur interesting conversations,” Joy Isi Bewaji states.

With the show comes lots of giveaways! Bags stock with your favourite NASCO goodies.

The show airs every Thursday on City 105.1FM.

If you miss it, all downloads are available on www.happenings.com.ng

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