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The New Face of Fear in Stephen king’s IT


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I beg to differ, let me explain why. I have always been fascinated with the best selling author Stephen King, for those who don’t know him, he is an American novelist, skilled in writing horror stories. In his repertoire are books like ‘The Shining’, ‘IT’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Misery’, just to mention a few.

He is an author with an expertise for giving words to the abstract emotion of fear, under Stephen King’s masterful pen,fear comes alive and it has a face. With how much I had enjoyed reading his books, I could not hold in my excitement, when the movie IT came back to the cinemas.

IT is one of Stephen King’s books that have been made into a movie. The first movie adaptation of IT was in 1990, I saw that, but i was too young and my memory of the first IT movie is hazy. You can imagine my excitement at seeing a 2017 remake of the movie IT.

Armed with my knowledge of the book, I was curious to see if the movie would do the book justice. For many who haven’t read the book, they will enjoy the movie, because there are no prior comparisons, I do not relish that liberty.

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it tells the horrifying tale of the town Derry in Maine. If you are a Stephen King enthusiast, you are sure to know of his love for Maine in the United States of America, because he sets most of his novels in that city. The author is invested in exploring the ugliness of evil, buried beneath small town quaintness.

In the story, the small town of Derry is in the grip of such malignant entity, that only awakens from its hibernation every 27 years and it preys on the children of the town. With the disappearances of children in town increasing at an alarming rate, seven children (members of the Loser’s Club) take on the responsibility of confronting this ancient evil. Defeating IT took on a personal turn for ‘Bill’ a member of the Loser’s Club who had lost his younger brother, ‘Georgie’ to this ancient evil.

The evil is one that takes on the face and feeds on the fears and phobias of its victim, however its more constant representation, is of the clown called Pennywise. Seemingly charming and lovable, this sinister character is able to hunt children all over town. The director of this 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s book Andres Muschietti, did his best in representing the book as much as he could.

There are attempts in the movie where he makes an effort to mirror the horror in the book, thus leaving movie goers, just as terrified. Although I don’t remember Stephen King weaving elements of comedy in this story, the director masterfully includes comedy in several scenes in the movie and this unwittingly intensifies the horrifying incidences movie goers will encounter in the movie.

Certainly this adaptation have been so modified, that several important parts of the story, are excluded, even telling is the fact the movie doesn’t end the way the book ends and it is split to include a chapter two. I also notice that most of King’s exceptional dialogue have been altogether avoided and in its place, sound effects and theatrics.

The movie is quite enjoyable, however if you have read the book just as I have, you may be beset with a niggling sense of dissatisfaction.

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