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New Twist, as APC Mushin Executive Denies Recalling National Legal Adviser, Dr. Muiz Banire


by Tunde Ogunmola

Fresh facts have emerged, concerning the purported recall of the National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Muiz Adeyemi Banire (SAN) by the leaders of APC in Ward C, Mushin Local Government, Lagos State.

It was reported in several national dailies last week, that a “disciplinary Committee” of Ward C, Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State had summoned Dr. Banire, for allegedly getting involved in anti-party activities; this and other allegations are leveled against him.

However in a shocking twist of events, a letter denying this invitation and the purported recall of Dr. Banire, was forwarded to the National headquarters of the party in Abuja by the authentic Executive of the party in Ward C, Mushin Local Government. Here is a copy of the letter made available to Happenings:


August 11, 2017
The National Chairman,
All Progressives Congress,
40 Blantyre Street, Wuse 2,
Abuja, FCT.

Dear Sir,
Re: Purported Ward C (Alafia/Adeoyo), Mushin Local Government Disciplinary Committee: A Case of Impersonation and Wanton Lawlessness

Our attention has been drawn to a publication in page 29 of The Punch Newspaper of Friday, August 11, 2017 purportedly published by a phantom “disciplinary Committee” of Ward C, Mushin Local Government.

Sir, we, the undersigned, are the Party Chairman and Secretary of the Executive Committee of Ward C, Mushin Local Government and acting on behalf of the ward Executive and the entire ward, say with no doubt whatsoever that neither the publication nor the phantom disciplinary committee emanated from the Ward C Executive Committee as known to the National Secretariat of the Party pursuant to the Congress of 2014. The persons purporting to have authored the publication are unknown to us in the Ward nor are they members of the ward.

Sir, the National Secretariat is the custodian of the Party records and is in a position to confirm the persons that are the members of the Executive Committee of Ward C, Mushin Local Government duly elected at congress. Our meetings are held at No. 18/20, Layi Oyekanmi Street, Mushin, Lagos which also serves as the Party Secretariat for the Local Government and no where else.

We, the members of Ward C, Mushin Local Government Ward C Executive Committee, chose to keep silent on this issue due to our decision not to externalise party issues. However, in view of unfettered falsehood being ingloriously fed to the members of the public in the name of Ward C and the attendant crass lawlessness with which the perpetrators execute their lies and denigrations, silence is not only insalubriously acquiescent but also criminal. It is important for us to set the record straight and save the members of the public from the unwholesome activities of these mischief-makers and the confusion they are creating in the Party.

Sir, the Ward C, Mushin Local Government Executive Committee is not aware of any infraction committed by the National Legal Adviser of the Party, Dr. Muiz Banire. We have not received any letter or complaint from any person or group of persons purporting to report any infraction committed by Dr. Banire. The letter forming part of the Punch Newspaper publication referred to earlier was never received by any member of the duly constituted Executive Committee of Ward C, Mushin Local Government.

We have not set up any disciplinary committee because there is no need for such. As noted earlier, we, the members of the Ward C, Mushin Local Government Executive Committee, state that the publication should be disregarded in its entirety. It is simply an act of the mischievous people set up to denigrate the Party.

To show that the nefarious characters behind this publication are unknown to the party with absolutely no understanding of the Party Constitution, it was this same set of riff raffs that had earlier made a publication wherein they claimed to have suspended/expelled the same Dr. Muiz Banire from the Party. Is it that these confused lots seek to apply disciplinary measures to a person they had purportedly expelled? Sir, we do not mince words in saying that these destructive fellows are rabble-rousers that have no connection with our great Party. May the day never come when we surrender the affairs of the Party to meddlesome interlopers whose singular aim is to throw the party into unbridled chaos?. We say without fear of contradiction that they are not the leaders of the Party.

To show the abysmal depth of the confusion these entities have fallen to, they copied one Sola Osobajo who they claimed to be the APC Mushin Local Government Chairman. Sir, the records of the Party will show that the person named is not the Chairman of the Party in Mushin Local Government. As the record of the Party will confirm, the elected Chairman of the Party in Mushin Local Government is Aremo M. O. Ikufisile and he still leads the Mushin local Government chapter of the Party. If we do not act now and allow these entities to continue in their untoward activities, they may wake up one day and decide to apportion names for all elected offices in the Party including the office of the National Chairman.

It is of utmost importance for us to seek the protection of the Nigerian Police Force as our family members and we have been receiving unending threats to our lives. Sir, our decision to abide by the provisions of the Party Constitution in the conduct of our activities and discharge of the functions of our office has made us victims of ceaseless threats.

Sir, once again, we use your esteem medium to urge the members of the public to disregard the activities of these impostors and their shadow directors. We urge the National Legal Adviser to disregard the purported invitation as well the National Headquarters of the Party to ignore same. For the avoidance of doubt, we urge the members of the Public that are still doubtful of the authentic leaders of the Ward and the Local Government, particularly journalists who continues to glorify the marauders as Mushin APC leaders, to contact the National Secretariat of the Party for verification and authentication. It is simply MISINFORMATION to continue to regard them as our leaders in Mushin Local Government.

We urge all members in the ward as well as the Local Government to continue to remain calm in the face of the unprovoked acts.

By the Grace of God, the Truth Shall Prevail.
For and on Behalf of the Member of All Progressive Congress in Ward C, Mushin Local Government, Lagos State and the Mushin local Government Chapter.

………………………. …………………………..
Bunmi Church, Chairman, Ward C
Oredola Gabriel, General Secretary Ward C

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