Home Entertainment Nicki Minaj accused of endorsing Angolan dictator (Pictures)

Nicki Minaj accused of endorsing Angolan dictator (Pictures)


Human rights activists and critics have accused rapper, Nicki Minaj of endorsing Angola’s president’s authoritarian rule.

Nicki Minaj performed to a packed crowd Saturday, in the capital city of Luanda at a Christmas party hosted by the Unitel communications firm, which is part-owned by the family of the country’s controversial President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Human rights activists and critics had called for her concert to be canceled in the impoverished African nation of Angola but Nicki ignored this and went ahead with her billed performance. The groups claimed that Minaj’s presence in Angola could be regarded as ‘an endorsement’ of the president’s authoritarian rule and have accused the singer of ‘callously taking money from a dictator.’

Since becoming president of Angola in 1979, dos Santos has allegedly amassed an incredible amount of money in assets by taking control of several emerging companies and industries.

Minaj was reportedly paid $2million for the performance.

According to Forbes, Isabel dos Santos, is Africa’s first billionaire and the richest woman on the entire continent.

Nicki isn’t the first one to receive harsh criticism for performing for dos Santos … in 2013 it was reported Mariah Carey earned around $1 million for a gig.

She shared a photo of herself with Isabel dos Santos that she captioned:

“Oh no big deal…she’s just the 8th richest woman in the world. (At least that’s what I was told by someone b4 we took this photo) Lol. Yikes!!!!! GIRL POWER!!!!! This motivates me soooooooooo much!!!! S/O to any woman on a paper chase. Get your own!!!! Success is yours for the taking!!!!! #Angola thank u to the women who brought me out here as well.”

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source: dailymail

photos: Instagram


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