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Nigerians Drag Nina for Her Honesty About Sex With Miracle


Days ago, a viral video of former Big Brother Naija Housemate, Nina went viral. In that video, she openly admitted to the interviewer that she had sex with Miracle severally while in the house. According to the Big Brother Naija finalist who was only being honest, she admitted that they were just being human and sex between them was an expression of the feelings they share.

However this admission may have cost Nina plenty in her burgeoning career. As expected Nigerians dragged her within an inch of her life.

To add insult to injury, while her partner in crime and winner of the Big Brother Naija 2018, Miracle Ikechukwu was honoured by the Imo state government and made Education Ambassador, Nina is all but ignored, considering she is also an indigene of the same state.

Leaving more questions than answers; Is she being punished for admitting to having sex, which is a natural human phenomenon?  Why is she being punished alone, for a ‘crime’ two committed? Afterall it takes two to engage in coitus.

The Imo state government is yet to respond to these accusations that it is distancing itself from Nina because she is not a ‘holy virgin’.

In a post on Instagram, which she promptly deleted, Nina shared her pain at being ignored by her own state.

The honest reality TV Star may just be getting her lesson in celebrity life, that is ‘live a life of subterfuge to survive’.

Then again those condemning her for having sex in the house, are they all holy? Are we all virgins in Nigeria?

See Miracle and Nina’s Sex Video here.

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