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#NigeriansSpeak: What are your plans for the weekend?


Another weekend is here, yay! You can kick back and relax from the week’s work. But for people like me that still get to work on weekends…#sadface. It’s all good though; gotta make ’em cash. Well we decided too ask a few people what they are getting up to this weekend and we got some interesting replies.


Adeola Monofi is an Insurer and lives in Benin City -“I intend to sleep and get maximum rest before Monday comes again”


Ray Anyim is a Pharmaceutical Representative based in Warri -“I’m attending a wedding ceremony in Warri  this weekend”


Imaobong Ebong is a Lawyer based in Ile-Ife – “I can’t remember the last time I had plans…Nah only sleep sleep I dey do, lol”


Jojo – “I plan to sleep sleep n sleep even more”


Raheemat is Self employed and based in Ibadan – “I will be travelling this weekend to Abuja to see an old friend, trust me, it’s all gonna be fun as she has promised to give me a special treat”


Jennifer a student based in Lagos – “I term my weekend ‘NFWD’ – NO fun weekend… I have a project deadline so that’s all I’m gonna be doin for the weekend…but I hope to turn up in church for a bit of fun by Sunday”


Ofure OKhifo “I plan to have a stayCATION…stay at home, watch tv, eat excess noodles and bond with my bed”


Dipo Ogun is a Content Writer/Project Officer – “I plan to hang out with my friends while watching Wimbledon(Tennis), jog and write a couple of articles”


Olajumoke “I’ll be home”


Stella is a Business woman and is based in Calabar – “My plan is to go for evangelism tomorrow morning and ensure I get many converts by God’s grace”


Mrs Adebayo is a Lawyer/Banker based in Lagos – “I’m going to sleep throughout”


Balogun Ismail Gbenga is a Media Practitioner based in Lagos – “I’ve got packs of movies to watch and will attend Islamic lectures too since it’s still Ramadan”

Regardless of what you have planned for the weekend, just make sure you have a good one.

Happy Weekend!


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