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Nigeria’s Missing President & A Maradonic Voice of Restructuring


By James Ogunjimi
The news for a few days back has been dominated not just by the Islamic celebrations, two events have stood out among the pack.
There was President Buhari addressing Nigerians using the Hausa language. Then there was Nigeria’s political Maradona himself joining his voice with that of other Nigerians that had been talking about restructuring.

Missing President, Missing Voices
There are several takeaway points in the President Buhari address. First, that Nigerians have gotten used to the idea of an unavailable President is proof that our bullshit level has really dropped.
You begin to wonder if these were the same people that hounded the Yar’Adua administration and went to war against cabals till Goodluck Jonathan was installed as Acting President. You begin to ask what happened to those legs that marched against the Yar’Adua administration then.

And when Goodluck Jonathan proved a sellout and tried to pay back the good of electing him with an evil, Nigerians marched all over the country to return him and his foot soldiers like Okonjo Iweala, Sanusi Lamido and Dezeani to their senses.

Nigerians gathered in large numbers nationwide and dared the President and his soldiers to do their worst. One begins to wonder then if these are the same people whose President is missing and they are comfortably living their lives, minding their businesses and hounding Donald Trump of faraway America while their own nation burns.

We couldn’t have forgotten so soon the powerful voices that wrote and spoke during famous clashes with government and anti-people policies. There’s no way we could have forgotten those people that would just not be cowed no matter what. Where are those people today?

Where are the voices and pens that wrote Goodluck Jonathan out of power? Where are the ever-attentive watchdogs that growled at every attempt to pull wool over the eyes of Nigerians? What happened to those voices?

We begin again to ask how a President in charge of a nation that has been trying to quell secessionist talks could address the country in his own language rather than in a language the entire nation could understand.
How’s that for sidelining entire tribes and tongues?

The handlers of the President need to be asked what their endgame is. What exactly is their plan? Do they have secret agendas? Do they quietly want to help push him out and damage what’s left of his reputation? Is the celebration really too important for the Acting President to have made that address rather than the sham packaged and sold as Sallah greeting?

These are questions we should be asking the handlers of the President and the notable voices of reason that have gone suspiciously quiet.
Maradona….He Scores Again!!!

General Babangida is no stranger to Nigerian politics. He it was that cancelled the Nigerian election which MKO won and threw the nation into a political turmoil that ultimately took MKO’s life. After he cancelled that election, the country rallied together, forgetting tribal sentiments or religious differences and went after the General.

Babangida became a Nigerian enemy and never quite recovered politically. While others dropped their khakis for Agbadas after the military administrations paved way for democracy, Babangida’s political career never took off. He made an attempt to lead Nigeria under the platform of the PDP but lucky for Nigerians, even the PDP were not suicidal enough to have allowed that nonsense to happen.

But the Maradona has come out of hibernation again and this time, it is to lend his voice to that of the numerous Nigerians calling for a restructuring.

Against the backdrop of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s renewed attacks against former President, Goodluck Jonathan and former President Obasanjo’s letter about secession, General Babangida, Nigeria’s political Maradona has managed to smuggle his voice into the countless influential voices.

This however is not a time to talk about taking the message and ignoring the messenger. Babangida and his message should be tossed out. If someone offers you clean water using a dirty cup, you don’t take the water and ignore the cup, you toss everything out.

Babangida never does anything without an agenda and with the continued absence of the President, Babangida may just looking at an opportunity to key into the myriad of challenges faced by the country strike again and throw the nation back into turmoil.

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