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Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe Joins the Throng of Female Celebrities to Own a Home


Nollywood Actress Mercy Aigbe has joined the throng of teeming female celebrities to own a home in Nigeria. She made a post on Instagram showcasing her beautiful Multi-Million Naira edifice. According to the beautiful actress, owning a home was precipitated by a lovely cake gift she received from her sister, Luminee. The lovely cake was made in the shape of a house with a prophecy by her sister.

In her own words: “Throwback to my birthday… my beautiful sister gave me this cake as a birthday gift and this conversation ensued between us…

“Luminee- before the year runs out you will buy your own house…

“Me: Luminee pls leave me oh! The one I have been building since I haven’t finished!

“Luminee: Aunty mi, I am not talking about the one you are building, I am talking of the one you will buy in a beautiful choice area in Lagos!

“Me: Ha! where will I get plenty plenty millions of Naira to buy one!

“Luminee: Aunty mi don’t worry God will bless and empower you

“Me: Amen oh!!!… And I laughed!

“Little did I know that the lord uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise!… and out of Luminee’s mouth, the lord gave me a testimony…”

The Prophetic cake

She went further to say, ” It’s the lord’s doing and it’s beautiful in my sight! Few months after that cake gift, I bought a beautiful home for myself and my kids in a choice area of Lagos!!!!!! Say hello to the new LANDLADY…”

The cake house and the real house have a striking resemblance.

Recall that the actress is separated from her husband Lanre Gentry, because of domestic violence. It is unlikely he will be living in the beautiful house with the actress and their children.

Congratulations to Mercy Aigbe!

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