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Ondo state is Marginalized by the Niger Delta Ministry, says Agboola Ajayi, Deputy Governor of Ondo


by Tunde Ogunmola
The Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Agboola Ajayi has condemned the marginalization of Ondo State by the Niger Delta Ministry led by Pastor Usani Uguru, in a joint press conference organized by the Federal Ministry and the Ondo State Government yesterday. According to the deputy governor, he lamented that the state was marginalized by the Niger Delta Ministry in its 2016 and 2017 budgets. His lamentation was followed by an appeal for an improvement in what is accrued to the state in the budget,

Agboola’s dissatisfaction is coming in the wake of the forthcoming second meeting of the National Council of Niger Delta (NCND), scheduled to take place in Ondo state.

The event, slated for September 7th and 14th 2017 in Ondo state, is themed  “Fast tracking the development and peace in the Niger region,” will be attended by, the nine oil producing states in the country.

The meeting which will be declared open by the acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is aimed at promoting sustainable peace, progress, and development in the country.

Prof. Osinbajo visit to Ondo state, will be an important conclusion in his tour of all Niger Delta states, it was first hosted in Akwa Ibom in 2013 and it was a meeting which preached the need to sustain peace in the oil producing communities of the state.
According to Pastor Uguru, Ondo state was chosen to host the NCND for strategic reasons, stressing that it is presumed that only states from South South are in the Niger Delta region.

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