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You Are One of The Problems That Needs Change Too! Tonto Dike Calls Out Nigerians On Democracy Day


Nigeria marked 19 years of uninterrupted democratic rule yesterday May 29 and as usual, majority of its citizens, used the occasion to reel out and lament about all the negative things happening in the country.

Nollywood actress Tonto Dike, apparently not pleased with the negative trend, took to her IG page to call out Nigerians posting the ills of Nigeria, to commemorate democracy day.

She wrote on her story: “All of you reposting the wrongs of Nigeria or a Video that depicts how horrible my country is today been democracy day, all i am asking is what i have been Democracy Day. All im asking is what you have done to better tis country?”

“How have you tried to make this country a better place NOTHING??”

“Well you are one of the problems that needs change too.”

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