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#Opinion: Crime as a last resort

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A senior official of the Federal Ministry of Health, Martins Ugwu, who has been practising as a ‘medical doctor’ for over nine years, has been arrested by the police upon discovery that he stole the licence from his friend. Ugwu was a Senior Medical Officer II on Grade Level 1 before his arrest.

Every other day reports of young Nigerians engaging in diverse criminal activities ranging from theft to human trafficking come to our notice.

As part of the human community, Nigeria is currently caught in the web of crime dilemma, manifesting in the convulsive upsurge of both violent and non-violent crimes.

This is because naturally,crime is fostered in places where there are hardships. People naturally will do anything to survive, because the first law of most living things is self survival.

The usual claim is that many Nigerians who engage in crime would not tow that line if the government has done its job and provided basic things like jobs.

Unarguably, poverty is the harbinger of crime – I get that- but since people can do just about anything to make ends meet, why not channel these creative energies towards more honest and socially acceptable jobs. Why do people think crime as the last resort?

Many young people engage in a number of menial jobs and small scale businesses, no matter how meager the income, it’s legit.

People, especially the youth, are plagued by the the “get rich quick” syndrome; the easy way. It’s quite obvious you only end up coming down with that same rush you shot up.

So, instead of making lame excuses and blaming everyone around you, including the devil, Nigerians, especially the youth, must begin to realise that there are a million and one ways to make a living rather than resorting to cheap, unprofitable crime.

Do you think people resort to crime mainly as a last resort? Share your thoughts.

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