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#Opinion- Fashion critique and the rise and fall of Fashion police- Who is judge


We have seen fashion police TV show rise and fall repeatedly since the death of Joan Rivers and in my opinion there is only one reason for this – They are trying desperately to create another Joan Rivers who they say and I totally disagree – left big shoes to fill. A woman like Joan Rivers happens only once in a lifetime and when you experience a person like that, you treasure those memories and move on, those shoes need not be filled, find someone that has something new and unique to bring to the table.

LR- Iris Apfel, Coco Chanel and Daphne Guiness

Where they get it wrong repeatedly is that fashion critique was never meant to spite. I like to say that there are no rules in fashion thus it’s best to create your own rules , then who’s to say what you can or cannot wear to where you’re going? Fashion critique is a pretentious concept, though widely appreciated and followed all around the world, it basically dissects the style choices of different individuals as to how “de rigeur” their outfits are for an event and how the fit is for their body type. But in a world where we have fashion icons like: Coco Chanel, one of the first women to incorporate menswear into the women’s wardrobe (It was even considered ugly at the time), Iris Apfel, 90 year old fashion Icon who wears so much jewellery we are scared she’ll break from the mere weight of them, and Daphne Guinness, world renowned fashion icon whose divisive style is revered and talked about all over the fashion world- who’s to say you must wear what.

I am a fashion writer and though I enjoy critiquing celebrity style, after all most of them employ stylists who are paid to make sure they look good, thus they’re expected to know what outfits are appropriate for such events, it’s fun dissecting what and what makes up a beautiful outfit and which mars what would have been a fantastic creation. But fashion critics do not dictate to society how they should dress. What is good for the goose could be better for the gander, hence our job is to proffer style advice as to wear- what- when, but telling you how to rock your personal style in a way that is austere is one school of thought I do not align with.

Fashion police failed because Joan rivers critiqued fashion in a way that was derogatory to the people involved and she got away with it and trying to recreate the same effect won’t go down well with a lot of people, (especially when it’s not coming from her) not many people will be given such leverage hence the Guiliana Rancic saga, and I can say that if Joan was alive that statement would not hold water on social media – after all Joan has said worse.

Bottom line is, before we climb our high horses, noses hung aristocratically in the air and start to dictate with pomp and circumstance the rules that you think (because style itself is a personal opinion) should be the way, the truth, and the life, let us realise that fashion is one of the most flexible concepts in the world with no set rules to it, thus, if we must critique, we must also be open minded, understanding that though the person made a bad style choice due to whatever reasons, it’s still a choice and the choice is theirs to make. I mean, Kanye West’s Yeezy collection is one of the most dissed all over the world, but it was the most talked about collection at London fashion week, and people will buy it. He stood out, you noticed… Duh!

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