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#Opinion: Is the single, busy, working woman getting enough sex?


The typical single career woman is intelligent. She has a prestigious job or runs a business, owns her apartment, and also embraces one after-work activity or the other in her ‘spare time’.

She’s most times scrambling to meet one of her many deadlines or gallivanting through the world. Yet her glittering résumé hasn’t helped her sex life.

Lack of sufficient time is the major reason why working class single women aren’t getting any.

Most working class women are too busy to hang out, and following the time constraint most don’t take out time to mix up, of course, with the right crowd.

Even when some are lucky enough to meet a man with good prospects they really can’t find the time to start nor sustain a relationship.

I’m going to give you instances:

This obviously ‘fine’ working single lady, in her 30’s got on a plane heading to Abuja for work, travelling business class. She met an executive in one of the contemporary banks in Nigeria, who was also enroute for work. They got talking and exchanged contacts. After so many planned, but failed dates, they have dinner one time, but never have the time to meet up after that – the reason isn’t far fetched… she just never found the time! She ended up passing up that ‘juicy’ available man to a friend of hers. What! I know right.

Another woman had a friend in town, visiting, so she decided to give her a treat at this really nice, expensive restaurant. While still at their table, a waiter walked over to them with a note. Surprisingly one generous gentleman had picked up their tab….yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking already – he must want something – well his number was on it, but he left her with the choice to call or not. Apart from talking on the phone, they really haven’t found the ‘time’ to hook up.

I can safely conclude that it isn’t about these women not finding a man, they don’t just remember most times how robotic their lives have become. It’s probably when they get a rare minute to think then they realise – “Oh my, I’ve been without sex this long!”.

But can you blame them though, the intelligent, busy, career minded woman has work on her mind. She  needs some good reason why she would spend her precious time on/with you.  The fact is you need to be on the same page to mingle.

Even when some of these women do find the time to start a relationship, it doesn’t seem like it because they would usually get to meet men who are as busy as they; don’t get to see each other for weeks, and are yet again back to square one.

My suggestion to women is this: Quit wondering why and giving excuses, hop off the treadmill for a bit and explore the endless possibilities of love, or your soul mate may come along without you noticing.

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