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#Opinion – My sexual gratification with a pastor’s child


By Segzy

“Spank me harder” she screamed as I ripped into her from behind, making slapping sounds as I spanked her fair bum till it glowed red. I was literally spaced out with the weed and alcohol I had consumed because I really needed to be fortified for this current ordeal. She screamed with pleasure as I squeezed her boobs hard that it had to really hurt, but the more pain I dished out the more her scream for more drowned out my own moaning, next I knew she was riding my cock while I bit gingerly at first on her left nipple while pinching her right one.


She is screaming unprintable obscenities as she performs a perfect roll on my d**k, I can’t just cum maybe the weed or alcohol is holding me back or maybe a part of my mind can’t just shutdown the illest fuckfest that am having. Her pussy is squeezing my dick as she squirts juices over my cock and the volumes of wetness weirdly corresponds to every hard slap I deliver to her bum as I plunge into her honeypot.


Moments later I’m all sore and tired and as I take a shower I feel drained and awfully downcast. Biola steps into the shower a minute later with a flush on her face and skin that barely hides the teeth marks and minor bruises on her skin all inflicted by yours truly under duress. Biola is one sick babe, a very disturbed one actually with the aura of an angel. She turns her back towards me so I can help her apply soap and sponge her back. I wince at the sight of her bum, its all red with bruises all inflicted by me, am begining to think there is a monster lurking inside of me somewhere. I’m a lover of pussy and inevitably women, I am what you would term a conssessiur of pussies and its attendant pleasures, but I got more than I bargained for in Biola.


I bumped into Biola on a crusade ground, weird you would think? She was an usher I couldn’t take my eyes off and to make it weirder, she was the host pastor’s daughter, this last part I got to know after our first call. As mentioned earlierm Biola had the aura of an angel, she was charming and had a smile and look that made you think she was wasted as an SU as we termed bible thumping christians.


All these weren’t what got my attention though, it was her bum that got me locked down. She had this ass you just wanted to bury your dick in from behind and no volume of lose fitting skirt could hide it from my eyes. After staring at her for close to twenty long minutes and mentally fucking her all ways and back I slipped to her side and excused her. We walked away from the crusade ground a bit and decided to throw caution to wind, I grinned and told her not to mind the absurdity I was about to perpetrate but I really needed her and that maybe we could connect. She was speechless and before she could gather her thoughts and rebuke me, I wrote out my number on the note she was holding and sneaked off. I knew no prayer I prayed that day would be answered so I went home straight away.


Days had cruised past, the crusade like all things meaningless to me was fading from my memory when I got a call on Friday evening as I was clearing my desk. I did not know the voice but she told me she was Biola the girl I gave my number at the crusade ground. I was shocked as I hadn’t expected to hear from her again. My actions that night were on an uncontrollable whim triggered by her truly magnificent backside. I gave her my address and told her I would be home all day because I know soccer ain’t worth some damn looking ass. I did get the feeling I was gonna be preached to though but my curiousity was seriously piqued.


Biola looked so alluring in her tight jeans and tee shirt and the sight of that sweet looking bum instantly put me on the edge, jeez she was like a siren entraping my senses. Over our chitchat and drinks I learnt she was the pastor’s daughter and she had a code of conduct to uphold, l laughed at that thinking who cared its not like I attend your church. “What do you want exactly?”  she asked out of the blues. I got up walked up to where she was sitting kissed her and cupped her boobs at the same time, by the time I let go we were both gasping for air like we had been drowning. As she eyed my bulge she asked “Can you handle me?”


That was all the prompting I needed as we proceeded on a whirlwind that took our clothes to different corners of the sitting room. God, she was gorgeous and as I grabbed those pear shaped boobs begging to be sucked I got the first shock of the afternoon. “Bite your bitch” she moaned. I was taken aback but since I had plans on biting those nipples I dutifully obliged. As my tongue wandered to her wetness she was squirming and panting for me to slap her pussy, I obliged her; by now she had my dick in her mouth and I was under her spell. The more I hit her though the more her juices flowed and the more excited I became. I was turning her over before I knew it wanting to bury my candystick in her like I always wanted. “Spank your bitch!” she hollered as I thrust hard into her, I played along saying with each of my plunge “Who is your daddy bitch?” “oooh you are mudafucker!” she bellowed as I landed a solid spank on her ass that bounced along with each thrust, tears flowed as she came and I had to admit as I pumped my juice into her that it was really a great mindfuck. Coming down from the crest I was like “whatdafuck! was that?”, she looked at me shyly and told me that’s how she gets it on, “no pain no sweetness” were the exact words, I had to ask ” were you abused or what?” she laughed and just shook her head.


Weeks have passed and we still continue to fuck each other with no stop in sight and as I sponged her back looking down her ass with her red bruises, reminiscing on our beginnings I feel a stirring in my loins. l lean closer so she feels my hardness growing and I cupped her boobs giving her a gentle slap on her bum as I bury my teeth gently on her nipple; she cups my balls and smiles…. Damn! Maybe I’m a monster after all just fighting a lost cause. I do enjoy this.


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