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#Opinion – Signs You’re Headed For An Emotional Affair


Okay, so what’s wrong with hanging out often with someone who totally gets you? I mean, it’s no big deal! It’s pretty understandable; you’ve got a lot in common, the connection is amazing, besides you guys help each other out with issues regarding your respective partners plus sex is a “no go area” – So it’s just plain friendship, right?

Wrong! Emotional affairs often kick off pretty innocently and are perceived to be harmless at first. Although sex isn’t involved, when an outsider replaces your partner who is supposed to be the one who knows your very soul, he/ she tends to feel cheated and betrayed and to top it all up, the hurt often runs deeper than if it were just a sexual affair!

Note: most often than not if not contained, this tends to lead to full blown sexual relationship.

Just in case you’re hiding in your “delusional world” here are a few strong signs to know if you’re having an emotional affair:

– You feel more intimate with this person than your partner

– You share secrets you haven’t even dreamt of telling your partner with this person.

– You spend quality time with this person and this is kept secret from your partner

– You take care to get dressed to see this person

– You’re obviously excited about seeing this person and you always look forward to precious moments you share together.

– You wish your partner was more like the person; in terms of sense of humour, reliability, sex appeal… it just goes on, so you automatically become dissatisfied with your partner.

– You fantasize about that person but you don’t “carry out your fantasies”.

There you have it! If this list seems painfully familiar, it’s best to pick up those shoes and run! lol

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