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#Opinion – Why are men given a pat on the back for cheating?


It’s funny how when a man is caught in the cheating web he’s treated like some “unerring lord” who can do no wrong. He’s to be taken back wholeheartedly and pampered by his “all too loving wife” who doesn’t even have the right to feel betrayed, while his accomplice is given the ultimate punishment for committing an “unpardonable abomination!”

Yes, he is painted like an innocent child who was gullibly led astray by irresistible candy. A victim the man is, while his cheating partner is a whore!  Totally beats my imagination.

Let’s face it, when a man and a woman embark on the mission to fulfill their sexual fantasies regardless of whomever they hurt in the process, it’s consensual. The man isn’t one gullible/ selfless being who was “seduced” (ah yes that term has received more blame than even the devil). He didn’t “plunge in” because he’s a saint who can’t stand the sight of a wanting damsel deprived from sexual gratification, Hell no.

Argh… I cringe at the recent trend of public humiliation as consequence of extramarital affairs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing it, all I’m saying is the men should be held accountable too, period!

Recently I read a true life story and my heart was deeply pained. An innocent woman was wrongly accused by her husband for cheating and forced to walk the streets in her underwear, while her husband followed closely behind chilling in a ride. But when he found out she was innocent, he wrote a public apology!  As if that’s supposed to erase the shame and humiliation! The story didn’t conclude whether or not she got back together with him. Well personally I know I would NEVER go back to such a heartless being.

Back to basics, let’s tell ourselves the truth and call a spade a spade! It takes two to tango, Abi I lie? Men should be held accountable too in the cheating web; but hey, it’s a man’s world right?



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