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#Opinion: Afraid failure will give you a good beating?

Oprah Winfrey

It’s a plaque you have to avoid, a taboo when you think about it and a stigma when it happens… our parents pull our ears so the message sinks in – You must not fail!

Failure is a word that most people dread.  Everyone wants to be a success with our names written on gold plates and on the lips of many, but we fail to realise that success and failure in fact have a deeper relationship than just being opposites.

Truth is, not every successful person at the top today got there with success after success, they were faced with numerous obstacles but instead of bowing to these obstacles they worked harder showing more determination than others. Great examples are the likes of Walt Disney, Charles Darwin, Wole Soyinka, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Harrison Ford, Micheal Jordon among others.

In your journey to becoming successful chances are you will get quite a few stories of missteps and blunders, but what would make you different and make you stand out is how you handle it. You would be surprised how your story can change if you’re willing to look at failure differently. You have the potential to overcome any problems, mistakes, or misfortunes. All you have to do is learn to see failure as a necessity for success. Success takes time and effort, and like all the great names, you will fail before you are successful.

There is a need to change the view on failure it is not something that needs to be avoided or seen as a taboo. It is a chance to learn and try other ways till you achieve success.

In life failure would happen but it doesn’t have to define us or become a stumbling block to our success. The difference between long term success and failure is your reaction to it.

We must learn to jettison the act of being vindictive towards our child, wards, friends and family who experience failure along the way. Our duty lies in encouraging them and gearing them towards that attainable success. The fear of failure shouldn’t limit our greatness. Accept and talk about it a little more, maybe then we’d fear it a little less.

Sure, failure would always happen, live with it, learn from it and remind yourself that sometimes failure is just one more step towards success.





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