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Otedola Tows Father’s Path, Joins Active Politics



Adebare Akinwale

Billionaire Femi Otedola is openly towing the path of his late father. The money man’s father Sir Michael Otedola was the governor of Lagos state from 1992 to 1993.

Otedola who came to prominence as the power behind Zenon Oil and now recognized as the chief promoter of Forte Oil announced his decision to join “active politics” with the open endorsement of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for second term.

The billionaire throws his weight behind the re-election seeking number one citizen of Lagos State with a statement he released titled, “Ambode Has Done Overwhelmingly Well”.

Otedola in the communication which charges Ambode to “Please Carry Go”, listed what he labeled “brilliant transformation projects across the state” and conviction Lagos would become “number three economy in Africa” as some of the reasons for endorsing and recommending the re-election seeking state helmsman for another term.

“The initial interpretation of the move is simple, Otedola has joined the active politics of the movement to return Ambode as Governor” a source defined.The move by Otedola which is being hailed as a massive public relations boost for Ambode is a radical departure from the usual path towed by the top oil man and business men of his caliber.

“They usually operate behind the scene and provide supports in manners that would prevent blowback because as businessmen, they need to be in the good books of all players across political divides because you can’t tell when who will become what.

“For Otedola to openly take such a stand on Ambode, it means he has also taken a far more resolute personal decision” a key political observer pointed out. Though it is not yet clear whether Otedola is a card-carrying member of any political party but a source conversant with behavioural pattern claims Otedola’s stance on Ambode – compared with his past approach – indicates someone with a more far-reaching political game plan up his sleeve.



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