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Overly Jealous Boyfriend? Here’s How To Know For Sure!


Okay, maybe at first him acting all jealous and hopelessly in love was kind of sweet, I mean knowing someone isn’t ready to play when it comes to losing you is kind of nice and all…but when this sort of goes beyond average, caution is key. Although a little jealousy in a relationship is pretty much normal however when a partner become more and more jealous, controlling and possessive, that’s a huge turnoff and no doubt and trouble lurking. Without mincing words, this is one of the major reasons why couples call it quits. Dealing with a jealous boyfriend?, 6 signs you should watch out for;

1. He Doesn’t Like You Talking To Other Guys At All


Does the sight of you talking to the opposite sex get your boyfriend really really mad every time? This shouldn’t be! Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean the other sex automatically zooms out of vision or you casually chatting up a friend is equal to flirting, you should be allowed free interaction with the opposite sex. Trust is really important in a relationship and when you’ve got a boo that’s too blinded following trust issues, then he’ll keep thinking something is going on.

2. He Always Accuses You Of Flirting With Other Guys

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This is typical of jealous partners. In this case, if your boyfriend is always accusing you of flirting with every guy you chat with then he’s most likely a very jealous person. He should be able to vouch for your principles rather than being the one to drag your name in the mud.

3. He Gets Mad When You Don’t Text/call Back Fast Enough


He checks up on you 20 times a day, calls your phone incessantly until you pick up then gets really angry when you don’t pick up or text immediately and doesn’t bother to keep his anger in check. Your not picking up or responding to his text equals something fishy. That’s the typical interpretation he gets. Careful.

4. He Monitors What You Do On Social Media/ Snoops Big Time


Your boyfriend is constantly on your wall montoring your activities. Whether it’s your comment or someone else’s he tracks it down. Sometimes he even goes as far as “defending your honour” online when somone’s acting less than “honourable.” Plus, he monitors your calls and messages just to verify you aren’t messing around. This can be real annoying to deal with.

5. He Grills You About Everything You Do


Going to the restroom, he’s got to know, taking a nap, you’ve just got to keep him in the know…It’s okay for him to want to know what’s happening in your world, but for him to want to know and keep track of every single detail; who you were with, what you talked about, where you went… then after all is heard he accuses you of lying, that’s an absolute no no.

6. He Gets Mad At You About What You Wear


Does your boyfriend always think your clothes are too revealing? It doesn’t matter what you wear, he’s just got to have something against it. What you wear should be your choice. If your boyfriend has trust issues and is too jealous, even a sac would he considered slutty.

In all, your safety and happiness is key and if in any way your partner threatens that, you shouldn’t just let it slip, jealousy isn’t caring, a line has been crossed.

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