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Overweight Rob Kardashian grabs a late night burger!


Kris Jenner recently admitted she fears for Rob’s life, after he gained 100lbs amid a deep depression.

And while Rob Kardashian has been living a reclusive existence, far away from the TV cameras that follow his family around for their E! reality show, he emerged from seclusion on Wednesday night.

The 28-year-old was spotted on a burger run in Woodland Hills at 10pm as his weight appears to have ballooned once again. 

Dailymail reports that Rob was sported in basketball shorts, high tops, and a baggy shirt for his outing at burger chain In ‘N’ Out, and then headed to a friend’s house in Encino.

The former reality star’s mother recently admitted she fears ‘he is going to die’ if she doesn’t intervene with professional help.

‘He has retreated more. He’s sad, he’s bitter, he’s single. He is very depressed and has been for a while,’ an insider revealed.

‘The attitude has always been that when Rob gets his act together, starts working out and loses weight, everything will be good and he will be happy,’ said a KUWTK production source.

‘Behind this weight gain is this very unhealthy mental state that he keeps struggling with. Kris doesn’t want Rob on the show when his emotionally unstable.’

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