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P-Square is Proof Why You Don’t Mix Family Ties with Business


When I stumbled on the viral video of P-square in a violent altercation yesterday, I was filled with such sadness, at how far their familial relationship had degenerated. Since the brand’s inception in 2003, I have always enjoyed their music, dance and energy, thus to know that the duo have plans to break up and go their separate ways, is more than I can bear. I keep asking myself over and over again, what is P-square without Peter and Paul Okoye.

With hostilities at an all time high, Nigerians are filled with theories, at the reason for their feud; most speculate Peter’s non- Igbo wife may be a bone of contention between all three brothers. If that is a reason for their feud, then it is a sad situation indeed, it just tells a glaring truth that in present day Nigeria, tribalism still persists.

These rumours speculate further that their mother was against the union and Peter may have flouted her dying wish and married a non-Igbo wife. As I maintain, these are all speculations and not facts, but Peter’s insistence that his immediate family (Wife and children)  come first, is a pointer that this may be a reason. It is perplexing to me, that these brothers are unable to separate their brand and their marital situations.

More speculations place the blame firmly at Jude’s door, according to rumour mongers, Jude who is their manager may be taking advantage of his relationship with the singers as their older brother, as he insists on getting an equal share in the music proceeds. This has me wondering since when do Artiste’s manager  get equal share with the entertainers?

Is this a simple case of greed because of blood ties? or an abuse of the duo’s largess?

Whatever the bone of contention is with these brothers, it is proof, that mixing family ties and business is a very bad idea, as emotions becloud judgement, which would inevitably cripple any business. This feud also shows that these brothers do not have the proper corporate structures in place, as that would have negated any conflict.

This awful saga, becomes a case of two against one, as Peter who is married to the non-Igbo wife becomes the outsider and the black sheep, who insists that there must be a structure in their business, while the others prefer the status quo.  It stands to reason that his fears are not unfounded, because for a brand that big, it is unlikely to survive for long on blind luck.

Their mother (God rest her soul) will be none too pleased with how much the relationship between her sons have deteriorated. For me, there will be no P-square without Peter and Paul Okoye. While Paul is an incredible song writer, Peter is a fantastic dancer and a combination of both talents is the soul of their entertaining power, it is also what have held Nigerians spellbound all these years.I am not likely to receive their solo music as well as I would have, if they were still a duo.

Whatever the feud is about, it is our hope that they bury the hatchet and make peace or watch what they have built all these years come crumbling around them.



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  1. Exactly what happens when brothers especially are involved in one business. Greed, envy and jealousy begin to set in when qualities and credit begin to be highlighted.

    One or the other begins to take heed to the advice to people who do not know what it took to achieve the milestone. Sometimes for ignorance sakes and other times for sheer envy.

    The only way they can succeed apart is if one or the other refuses to allow this feud interfere with his thoughts or emotions when writing a song, or allow it lead him to limelight and then he moves on. Of course they have one very good option, get over this together, get some distraction, travel together and separately, learn new things and reconvene with monster hits never to talk about separation again.

    However, the fact that this is only a publicity stunt like you had highlighted during your show is not left out. Rage and controversy is business in music.

    Nonetheless, giving family the slightest opportunity to be involved in a business one or the other may have never really worked hard for may work well at first as everyone wants a common good and much later may be at the verge of deteriorating or crumble to rubble finally owing to sheer envy and greed.


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