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Paddy Adenuga Clocked 34 and is as Eligible as Ever


Scion of billionaire owner of Globacom and Conoil, Paddy Adenuga clocked 34 today, June 21, 2018 and there have been an outpouring of birthday wishes from family and friends. Interestingly, the handsome and wealthy bachelor is still single and is not in any serious relationship if the word around town is true.

His apparent wealth, charisma, family pedigree and good looks have made him one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelors.

The young man who is a director in his father’s company has told all who cared to listen that he would not be with any woman who wore hair extensions. Although he hasn’t been romantically linked with any woman, he regularly post photos on his social media page of a beautiful woman, named Reem. He mourns her and is oftentimes nostalgic of their time together while she was still alive.

In May 24, 2018, he made a post celebrating the late Reem. Clearly women who have their sights set on the eligible bachelor have the memory of Reem to contend with.

Paddy Adenuga is 34 and still single, try your luck ladies.

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