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People Mistake My Voice For Tope Alabi-Gospel singer,Yetunde Esan


Akinyele Sokoya

Listen to her music you would think her to be Tope Alabi but make no mistake, she is not Tope Alabi but a talented gospel artiste whose latest album “Modupe Ore” is set to shake the music industry, her name is Yetunde Esan aka Ojiji Olodumare.

In her words, “many people has likened me to Tope Alabi, and it has really caused me a lot of embarrassment because of the way I sing,many people say I sing like her, but I don’t know I sing like her. I never knew I sing like her. I don’t know why people always mistake my voice for that of Tope Alabi. But I never learn or score Tope Alabi’s way of singing”, explained the Efon Alaye , Ekiti State born artiste who claimed she started singing since when she was little far back as children choir in CAC, but started professionally in 2005.

While probing further, Yetunde, who studied business administration at the Lagos State Polytechnic predicted that she will soon be a star to be reckoned with in no distant future.

“I am on the threshold of history. I want to be the best as far as gospel music is concerned in Nigeria. And I believe my first album with the tracks like ‘Modupe’, ‘Oba Awon Oba’, ‘Arabanibaba’, ‘Mo More’, ‘Apalara’, and ‘Oketegbagbeibosi’, will make a statement for me”

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