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Period Alert? 7 Not So Fabulous Moments The Office Girl Can Totally Relate To!


Ugh… Period alert? No one looks forward to it (excluding those times when you’ve been real naughty – ‘Phew! I thought you’d never come. lol)…Sure we all know that time of the month is very… important to our reproductive health blah ,blah, blah,  still, seeing your period is no fun; you feel uncomfortable and miserable, plus dealing with the clothes restriction bit comes with a whole lot of headache #Annoying! So just how does the average office girl go through this “not so fabulous time” each month; 7 things every office girl can relate to:


That annoying moment when it suddenly pops up from nowhere and you’re no way near prepared in that bright yellow dress which got you feeling every inch like an executive – Kill me!


That awkward moment when you feel the need to change and you head for the toilet with your handbag, with your every step you feel their inquisitive stares on your back …then a male colleague dares to ask “if you’re going home?” – Lord, let the ground just swallow me… Can’t a girl ever have privacy! 


That moment when you’re trying to hide your pad/tampons on your way to the restroom – just act cool girl, we’re almost there

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That dreaded moment when you know without a doubt that your pad has leaked and you’re stained and need to head to the bathroom but your boss calls you – Can’t I just sit here forever?


When you get up and feel it rushing like a tap – Oh God, Oh God, Oh God… I’m I stained?? Freaking out right now!

giphy (1)
When menstrual pain does not want to cooperate and the economy isn’t smiling either – Trash it, pull it together… girl’s gotta make money for those designer clothes . Motto = Beauty is pain!


At last! When it’s all over – I’m free… I’m free!!


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