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Phone Theft: Seun Egbegbe Marks 2nd Birthday In Prison


Seun Egbegbe Kareem, the movie maker in prison custody over in ability to fulfill bail conditions was a year older last Thursday May 31 2018.

The day sign posted his second straight birthday in prison.

Egbegbe undergoing trial for theft, fraud and obtaining money under false pretence started his travails in the last quarter of 2016. He is yet to get out of the mess that has left his name and reputation in tatters.

His baby mama gave birth while he was in prison custody and the baby recently celebrated the first birthday with troubled Egbegbe still incarcerated.

As if that wasn’t enough, he celebrated his own birthday still in prison confinement” a source disclosed.

Sources disclosed the most saddening for the movie maker and music promoter battling to meet bail conditions was the way his friends celebrated his birthday.

They all turned a blind eye” a source disclosed.

His baby mama, Nike was loving enough to put up a post celebrating her man on his people’s play space, Instagram.Checks, however, revealed the celebration made under the handle Nikkyberry101 barely received attention from Egbegbe’s friends and hangers-on.

“It amassed barely 40 likes and related comments” a source stated.Before his trouble started, Egbegbe with an ordinary “hi” on Instagram gets over a thousand likes.

His baby mama received same affection back then.

But all that has changed, just like friends and hangers-on stayed away from visiting him at Ikoyi prison where he is held.

They now keep away from identifying with anything that has to do with him.

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