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Photos: 10 Best Yellow Carpet Looks from the ‘Banana Island Ghost’ Movie Premiere


Celebrities showed off some of the latest fashion trends on the yellow carpet of the ‘Banana Island Ghost’ movie premiere, which held over the weekend. From elegant and classy to glamorous and modern, these celebrities wore different stylish outfits and accessories that were absolutely worth looking at.

Check out our favourite 10 below:

1.The Elegant Slit-up Dress – The best thing about this dress is its slit, which exposes the smooth thighs and legs of its wearer. Its light green colour and slim fit are also definitely worth mentioning here, as they add to the elegance of the dress.

2. The Classic Black Suit – Anyone can look good in a suit, but this black jacket on a white shirt tucked into a pair of well-tailored black trousers would make an eye candy of its wearer. The wine coloured bow tie, cap and black wet look shoes are a nice fit for this suit.

3. The Gorgeous Tight Fitting Dress – This turtle neck dress with lovely patterns accentuates the full figure of its wearer even as its small waist band emphasizes her slim waist. Also perfectly complementing this outfit are the silver accessories worn with it.

4. The Cool Agbada – This traditional flowing outfit with wide sleeves can be worn to any event, even the yellow carpet. It is just perfect when it is worn with the typical northern cap and a pair of soft black shoes covered in white shimmering stones.

5. The Champagne Gold and Black Dress – This simple, straight dress with champagne gold designs on black is perfect for the yellow carpet. Adorned with a slim belt and gold accessories, the dress pops out beautifully from the yellow carpet.

6. The Designer Suit – This fitted Mai Atafo patterned jacket on a brown shirt and trousers with the same colour of bow tie worn with brown wetlook shoes gives its wearer a classy look.

7. The Comfortable Jumpsuit – This jumpsuit with thick vertical black and white stripes and the revealing net is just as good for the yellow carpet as it is for a casual outing.

8. The Suit Jacket – The grey suit jacket worn on a navy blue shirt with a polka dot bow tie tucked into a pair of trousers of the same colour is one of the coolest outfits you will find on the yellow carpet.

9. The Attractive Red Dress – Red dresses are always attractive and this particular one with long ball sleeves and large, obvious frills is certainly no exception. The gold shoes and purse are also a beautiful contrast with this dress.

10. The Simple Native – This simple short sleeve brown native with pockets of brown stripes makes its wearer look effortlessly stylish.

Photo Credit: King Solomon Ekhaiyeme




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