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Photos from Lanre Olusola’s ‘The Money Book’ signing


Lanre Olusola ‘The Catalyst’ was at the Laterna Bookstores on Friday August 14, 2015 for the release and book signing of his highly acclaimed new book ‘Money Book…lessons from the rich and the poor‘.

The book signing was graced by so many book lovers and young people who came to get a one on one with the author himself.

Contributors of the book including Omilola Oshikoya a wealth coach, Nimi Akinkogbe a personal finance expert were present and they both shared their thought on the book and how much benefit it is to everyone who buys a copy, other contributors include Dr. Laolu Mudashiru, Femi Oladehin, Funke Ladimeji, Kunle Adedeji, Olumide Emmanuel.

The book is majorly inspired from Lanre Olusola’s research, experiences and interactions with both the rich and the poor over the years and in his capacity as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychologist and Life Coach. Using simple, easily digestible writing, Lanre Olusola delves into the minds of the rich and the poor and analyzes their thoughts patterns; revealing truths about money like never before.

Celebrities present at the book signing include Monalisa Chinda, TY Bello and Peeshaun of Skuki.

Early release copies of the book made available in-store at Laterna Books and online at Jumia have been well received by the general public with the e-copy published on Amazon.

DSC03471 copy
Lanre Olusola



DSC03474 copy
Lanre Olusola signing a guest’s copy


DSC03475 copy
Guest interacting during the book signing


DSC03493 copy
Lanre Olusola and Monalisa Chinda


DSC03510 copy
A guest, Lanre Olusola and Ayo Owodunni


DSC03518 copy
Lanre Olusola and Rasheed Yusuf


DSC03544 copy
Lanre Olusola and Peeshaun of Skuki


DSC03541 copy
Lanre Olusola signing Peeshaun of Skuki’s copy


DSC03499 copy
Lanre Olusola and Monalisa Chinda


DSC03536 copy
Peeshaun of Skuki holding his copy of ‘The Money Book’


DSC03566 copy
Lanre Olusola and TY Bello


DSC03559 copy
Lanre Olusola and Aderonke Adebanjo


DSC03480 copy

DSC03484 copy

DSC03486 copy

DSC03488 copy

DSC03490 copy

DSC03520 copy

DSC03523 copy

DSC03550 copy

DSC03558 copy







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