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Photos from ‘One Fine Day’ movie premiere


A new movie, One Fine Day, was premiered yesterday Sunday, August 30 at the Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos. The classy event started by 7: 30. Notable faces at the premiere are Nollywood producer, Emem Isong; and Amanda Ebeye.

The movie was directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Emem Isong. It features top acts like Joke Silva, Olu Jacobs, Funke Akindele, Frederick Leonard, Benjamin Touitou, Memry Savanhu, and Bimbo Peters, who doubles as Executive Producer.

One Fine Day is the gripping story of two sisters, Tasha and Nina, who experience more than an average share of sibling rivalry, which is worsened by Nina’s slightly disturbed state of mind. When a tall, handsome stranger comes to claim Tasha’s hand in marriage, Nina’s behaviour takes a turn for the worse.

Could she be up to her usual anti-social tricks or is there more that lies beneath? Find out in this gripping, unfor­gettable family drama.

See pictures from the premiere below:

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