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Pistorius Deserves Jail Sentence – Steenkamp’s Family


During the sentence hearing in Pretoria, cousin to the late Reeva Steenkamp Kim Martin told the court that the South African blade runner Oscar Pistorius should be given “sufficient punishment” for killing his girlfriend.

Pistorius “needs to pay for what he has done” Kim added.

According to the prosecutors first sentence witness, Kim Martin “My family are not people who are seeking revenge, we just feel that to shoot somebody behind a door that is unarmed, that is harmless, needs sufficient punishment.”

It should be noted that the defence argues that Pistorius should serve house arrest and community service for the killing, however in reaction, prosecutor Gerrie Nel said that it was “shockingly inappropriate”

Nel stated that her opinion of a sentence of house arrest plus community service “cannot be considered”.

“If the court sentence is too light, and society loses trust in the court, they will take the law into their own hands,” Nel said.

“That’s what the court has to guard against.”

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide last month but cleared of murder and faces up to 15 years in jail,

Correspondents say that because of delays the sentence is unlikely to be announced until next month, with the hearing expected to be adjourned at the end of this week.


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