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Places To Touch Your Man


Ilori Titilayo

Well, guys know many places that turns a woman on for sure, but do you know your man’s tender spot? Most women don’t.

Well, not to worry, Happenings is here for you.

Before I list the areas, have in mind that what works for man A might not work for yours.

All you need to do is experiment and discover what works for your man.

Don’t let him see you as a lazy woman who wait to be turned on my him, also learn to talk charge, give him reasons to reschedule his meetings.

Read on and thank Happenings later.

The ultimate joy spot

One place you can never go wrong with a guy is that area below the belt and above the ‘V’ in his pant, which is the flesh under the scrotum leading towards the anus.

Stroke and gently press along the length of it.

Guys will let you know, not always in words but lots of times in “oohs and aahs” or an ear to ear smile, when you’re turning them on.

The inner thigh

Stroke the inner thigh, get close to, but don’t quite touch his package. Be a tease.

The neck

A kiss on the neck is a good thing,. You get that tingle, that feeling that goes up the spine when the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

The back

Hands and nails along a man’s back will often feel wonderful. Just keep in mind that men may like a slightly firmer touch than women do.

The kind of light, feathery stroke with fingertips that women often crave can be annoying or just feel tickly to a man. Don’t be afraid to alternate being gently and firm.


All people feel ‘ skin hunger ‘ for touch. ” This is why men often ask for a massage. Its more macho to ask you to knead his aching muscles than to tell you that he just needs to be caressed all over.
Truth is, he may not even know himself that his ‘skin hunger ‘ makes him long for a full body contact.

Use your hair as an alternative way to draw a reaction from him. Long hair draped on and gliding over his body, his chest and stomach, especially as she follows with her lips, definitely works.


Don’t forget the lips, when kissing run a fingertip along the tip or the inside of the mouth. This can be very erotic and surprising and sexy.


Most women don’t know that this area is one of the best part to weaken a man. All you need to do is lick his ears with your tongue in a circular motion but try not to fill his ears with your Salivia.

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