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Photos: ‘ÌTÀN The Story’ starring Yinka Davies, Hafiz Ayetoro & more


The thrilling stage play ‘ÌTÀN (The story) written by Ayo Jaiyesimi and produced by Thespian Family Theatre & Productions took centre stage at the Agip Recital Hall Muson Centre and National Arts Theatre between 24th December 2016  and 3rd January 2017.

The production featured popular stage icons like Hafiz Oyetoro a.k.a ‘Saka’, Yinka Davies, Efe Mayford- Orhorha, Lara Akinsola, Nissi George, Paul Adams, Kunle Dada, Henry Arnold & more. Guests enjoyed a total theatre production with rich drama, music and a blend of cultural and contemporary dance.

ÌTÀN mirrors the impact of cross-generational conflicts prevalent in our modern-day day world as the battle for ‘Generational’ supremacy between a village elder, Pa Latinwo and his newly found ‘city gangster’ grandson, Dee-Kay.

Àsìkò (‘Time personified) who intervenes in a feud, taking them on a journey into the past and the future and they both discover dark secrets that make them come to terms with the fact that they need each other to survive.

See photos from the play below;

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