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My Plus Size Journey


Bold Reine

I am a plus-size woman and a plus size activist. Therefore, I know what it is like to feel ignored by the fashion industry. I also understand the need to compromise style, for what you can find in your size. It sucks being told fashion isn’t for you. I know what it feels like, having plus-size attires ignored by the fashion industry.

For all of these reasons, I’m thankful for the internet; I am indeed grateful for bloggers, who share the figure similar to mine, as their journeys inspire me.

I have come to terms with who I am – Why would I want to fit in, when I am made to stand out; thus I have learned to embrace myself and have tried to change the world, with this plus size body of mine.

I have learned to never allow society define me, by standards they burden the plus sized woman with. One way I have broken free, is in modeling, it is an industry thought to predominantly exclude the plus size woman. Well I am thriving in an industry many would have thought I didn’t belong in.

The moral of this story is; my plus size queens out there must know that the minute they begin to accept themselves, it becomes easier for the larger society to accept their individuality as well.

You are perfect my loves; embrace all of it, your rolls and curves and own it, because you are PHAT(pretty, hot and thick).

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  1. Wow! I love this….this is really a good confidence booster for plus size ladies..I am thin tho, but I want to be thick now .. You motivated me big time. Not just for plus-size but for everyone out there. #selfconfidence#. You really deserve an award for this.


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