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Police Officer Involved in Reckless Driving Crush Conductor’s Hand


A shocking incident occurred this morning, 14 June 2018, between a police officer and several bus passengers, leaving many wondering at the flagrant abuse of power by men of the police force.

A passenger bus enroute Costain to CMS, almost approaching Apapa bridge was involved in a nasty encounter with another vehicle, with registration number PM 13 KJA, driven by a supposed police officer who wasn’t wearing his uniform.

In his (police officer) recklessness, the hand of a conductor, of the vehicle with number plates AED 429 KJA was injured and he was bleeding profusely. The offending officer was unapologetic and began to make trouble, he almost got into a fight with passengers and eye witnesses who saw the incident. They made it clear that the police officer was the careless and reckless party.

Operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) had to intervene in the conflict, before the offending officer took the injured man to the hospital. Hopefully the conductor is given proper health care and his mangled hands properly treated.

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