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Prayers Are Answered At Olojo Festival-Ooni’s Elder Brother


Tunde Ogunmola

The Ooni of Ife elder brother, Chief Sooko Adegboyega Ogunwusi has made it known that God answered prayers during the Olojo Festival.

When he was cornered by Tunde Ogunmola at the Festival he said thus: “First of all, I want to thank God for His infinity mercies on us, it was around this time last year that we celebrated the first one that Kabiesi came into the reign glory be to God. I pray that we still have more of it in Jesus name.

As the name implies, Olojo Festival, is the day that God brought light to the whole world. It has been proven that Ile ife is the cradle of the whole world, it is where God started the whole world.

So, we are celebrating Olojo. It’s a period Oba Ogunwusi normally goes into seclusion for 7 days to go and consult with God and all the ancestors and every other being, he won’t eat nor drink. He now came out, we give glory to God for that.

The way Kabiesi has put it to the world is marvellous. We pray that God will continue to give him wisdom and long life, and wealth. It is a good thing to be here today, because when you pray at Olojo Festival some of the prayers, if not all the prayers will be answered.

I thank everybody that has been supporting Kabiesi, I thank the whole community, the Obas, the High Chiefs, The Princes, the Princesses, and every other person.

The indigenes of Ile-ife, the OSUN State government, the Federal Government. I appreciate them all.

Ooni Elder Sister Speaks:

I want to thank everybody who has come here today to celebrate Olojo Festival with us. I appreciate them all, and wish them save return to their various destinations.

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