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The Premier League Plot Thickens : 3 Things we learned


By Mac Izu Nelson

This week’s 3 things we learned takes a look at another jaw dropping premier league weekend.



1. Tottenham Put Chelsea To The Sword: After a remarkable run of 13 straight wins, Chelsea, the unbeaten kings of the Premier League, were finally put to the sword.

The blues put in a soulless effort all through the match, languorous in their approach.

A headed brace from Dele Alli was enough to keep the blues at bay and despite Chelsea’s best efforts to get some sort of rhythm into their play, they consistently fell short.

Tottenham were well rewarded for their industry and tireless running, harrying the Chelsea team into mistakes all over the pitch.

Kante was made to look like a rookie just learning his trade.

Kyle Walker and Christian Eriksson were both influential in both Tottenham goals and the result means that Tottenham Hotspurs now sit in 3rd place, just 7 points of the leaders Chelsea.


2. Arsenal Continue to Flatter to deceive: It has been over a decade since Arsenal’s invincibles romped their way, obliterating all in their path, to a Premier League title.

Since that season, Arsenal have embarked on a sinusoidal, uninspiring path in the Premier league. The crests have been false dawns and the troughs have been the blackest of nights.

The nights have been longer and against Bournemouth, Arsenal once again served up a reminder of how abysmal a team they can be if they put their minds to it.

In the first half, the Arsenal team was completely blown away by Bournemouth.

Credit to them for coming out of it with a point but the problem is they left the match with two points dropped and scathed.

These were the type of matches the best Arsenal teams of old easily walked over.

It’s a different era, granted, but this Arsenal team lack the competitive spine that is the hallmark of a champion.

Year in year out, Arsenal remain painfully average.


3. The Plot thickens: Just 10 points separate first placed Chelsea from sixth placed Manchester United. Five points is what separates second placed Liverpool from sixth placed United.

This Premier League season is playing out to be the most competitive in recent times.

We are well beyond Christmas yet a title favourite cannot be confidently declared as yet.

It makes for beautiful watching for football fans all over the world.

More of the same please.

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