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Prince Tejuosho Decries Alleged Persecution By Lagos State Government


Husband to the former Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly (LSHA), Prince Kayode Tejuosho, has decried what he referred to as political intimidation by the Lagos state government.

Prince Tejuosho, described his home’s invasion by armed policemen as a political persecution and intimidation by the state government.

He accused the government, of falsely claiming that his residence was reserved, as the official quarters of the deputy speaker of the LSHA, after his family was forcefully evicted from there.

He also called on the government to conduct a thorough investigation and prosecution of those, who allegedly made the illegal sale if the government was serious about its claims.

Tejuosho also denied that his family underpaid for the building, insisting that he paid N150 million, after the state government approved a 25 per cent deduction from the initial N200 million offer.

“During the administration of former governor Bola Tinubu, the state adopted the Federal Government’s property’s monetisation and redevelopment policy by offering many of its property to public/civil servants occupying same for sale as well as companies under redevelopment schemes.

“This monetization policy was continued by the Babatunde Fashola government, as a result of which many officials benefited, including the present chairman of the Lagos APC, Mr. Henry Dele Ajomale. In furtherance of this policy, my wife and I being the present occupiers were equally afforded the opportunity of acquiring the property.

“I make bold to say that no deputy speaker has lived inside the property. A former Permanent Secretary in the state Ministry of Budget, Mrs. Dawodu, handed the place over to us and it was only a colonial building with wooden deck that was there then. My wife and I improved the property to what it is presently.”

Reacting to the allegations, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Habib Haruna, said: “Being neither an official of Lagos State nor the purported beneficiary of the government property on No 3A Sasegbon Street, Ikeja GRA, we ought not to dignify Mr. Kayode Tejuosho’s befuddling statement to the press with a response. However, in order not to have the public misinformed, it’s important to make the following clarifications:

“That the matter in question does not involve the governor’s office as being erroneously alleged but a tussle of ownership on a government property between an interloper and the Deputy Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

“That while a couple has stepped forward to claim ownership of the property, this is a misdirected claim as the couple did not make any purchase on the property”.

Haruna added that “The company that made the purported purchase did so in error and is yet to step forward to challenge the cancellation of the purchase since the company, Debam Mega Solutions, which paid only a portion of the offer price never completed payments on it that would have entitled its full take-over and access to Certificate of Occupancy”.

“The incomplete payment has since been refunded to the company and the property retrieved so that it can continue to serve as the official quarters of the Deputy Speaker.”

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