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Princess Fifi Ejindu Bounces Back to the Social Scene


By Sofowora Oladapo    


Princess Fifi Ejindu is one woman with a large heart. Many people take her as rakish in demeanour, but trust me, if you get close to her, you would attest that she is chummier and lively than anyone can ever imagine.

The Akwa-ibom and Calabar Princess from a royal background is an epitome of style and royalty. Fifi has never ceased to quietly put smiles on the faces of people with her philanthropic gesture that is second to none. Many of her close associates divulged to Happenings that the one thing she can’t stand is the sight of a fellow human in need or distress; she is always ready to help.

The real estate and business big wig is a toast of many in the social scene. Despite her age of 55, Ejindu appears super-beautiful and can be misidentified as a lady in her early 40s. Her skin still glows like pure velvet and her eyes like oyster shells.

Close friends wonder about the secret behind her youthful looks. When asked about it, Princess said, “I don’t worry myself over any situation. I eat well and have enough rest despite my tight schedules and business trips.”

Princess Fifi is currently the consultant for the Akwa-Ibom State Government. A close source hinted that she is part of the team responsible for the drastic positive development of the state. She has bagged different degrees and has studied in different parts of the world.

Few years ago, Fifi recoiled into her shell. She stopped attending social functions, as she chose to be quiet for a while. The paparazzi missed her presence on the red carpet are delighted to have the queen back and better. This year, she returned to attending social functions. Princess Fifi is back and better as she has reclaimed her top spot. While she was away, nobody was able to fill up her fashion lacuna.

Fifi is currently out of the country, globetrotting and attending to her vast business empire scattered across the world.

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