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The Pure Joy on the Face of this Child is Nostalgic


The innate guilelessness of children, fascinates us,such that we are filled with nostalgia and melancholy, driven by a need, to return to that state of unblemished innocence, ignorant of life’s problems.

Absolute freedom and boundless gaiety is what characterizes the persona of the young, as seen in this photo of this little boy, with the look of pure joy, glaringly displayed on his face, so much so that his destitution doesn’t corrupt it.

Isn’t it a human predilection, to equate happiness with wealth and abundance? Aren’t we condescending enough, to think, belonging to a certain social class or having financial and material privileges, entitles us to a fraction of the bliss sitting on the face of this young child?

In sharp contrast to the unfathomable glee on the face of the little boy, is that of his mother, her face is contorted with the burdensome knowledge of life’s experience, as if to say “if only you knew, my son, you wouldn’t feel this much joy’.

What we wouldn’t all give to feel what this child feels for just one day.

Pure joy on the face of a beggar’s child

Photo Credit: Elliot Ovadje

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  1. Every child will thrive amidst love, care and happiness. If the mother could only equate hers with the countenance of the child, maybe then she can device initiatives to help the child get a better life for himself. Such as getting to learn a special skill after taking good advantage of the free primary and secondary education programmes of the government.

    Truth is one day, the child will become aware of his subconscious. The question is, will he be properly fortified to face his reality and work against all odds when that time comes.


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