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My Pu**y is All Yours – Slay Queen to Miracle


The most watched reality TV show, Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala has come to a satisfactory end, with Nigerian Golden Boy, walking away with the grand prize of N 45 million.

As is expected of fame, it is a flame that draws moth to it, with so many people vying to have a piece of it.

While many would be less obvious in their aim to have a piece of the golden boy, a rather bold slay queen, took to her social media to proudly announce her willingness to sacrifice her pu**y for Nigeria’s golden boy.

Of course the post on social media has earned her criticisms. While Miracle was romantically involved with Nina in the house, it is not clear if their relationship will blossom into something more.

So ladies you still have chance, just be classy about shooting your shot… *wink*

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