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Quincy Herbals Goes to the Grammys and the Oscars


Tunde Ogunmola

The big leap made by Quincy Herbals, into the American market has indeed yielded great recognition, for the cosmetics entrepreneur, so much so that she gets invited to one of the biggest entertainment awards in the world, the Grammy and Oscar awards.

This Nigerian brand specializes in healthy living and natural beauty products brought to life by [Dr] Mrs Quincy Ayodele and it has been in existence for over two decades.

It has emerged as the only Nigerian brand to be in the ‘Swag Bag’ for the 2018 Grammy and Oscar Awards.

The ‘Swag Bag’ is usually given to award nominees and it contains several gift items, believed to be worth over a whooping sum of $100,000.This has been a regular part of the Grammy awards for years.

The natural cosmetics entrepreneur is indeed basking in the throes of this milestone in her business.

Furthermore her company has been rebranded by her American trained daughters Mrs Tobi Trevor-Keeney, who is now the Managing Director of Quincy Herbals and Marital Ayodele-Abdul, the Executive Director of operations at the World Health Organization [WHO] and an expert in Natural health.

Mrs Quincy will be giving out two of the biggest products on her shelve at the renowned event, the illuminating C-serum and the Detox tea.

The Quincy Herbals Skin Illuminating C-Serum is an anti-aging product that helps fade dark spots, patches and acne scars.

It has 20% of the most potent, stable form of vitamin C with Hyaluronic acid.

The C-Serum will be in the ‘Swag Bag’ to be given to all presenters and performers for the Grammys, scheduled for January 2018.

While the Detox Tea will be the only weight loss aid to be featured in the ‘Swag Bag’, to be given to all nominees for best Actor, best Actress and best Supporting categories at the Oscars scheduled for April 2018.

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