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Reasons Why The Obamas Are The Coolest First Family Ever!…Can’t help but love em’


Eight years ago out of nowhere, Barack Obama made groundbreaking history by becoming the first ever African-American president of the United States – That staggering feat many had deemed un achieveable. By that singular achievement, re writing the course of history in the world. And after years of dedicated service to countrymen, America’s first family – The Obamas are biding farewell and we can’t help but say, they’ll be dearly missed; stealing hearts with their contagious bubbly persona and rubbing shoulders with the common man, shunning so called set standards”…there’re so many reasons why we can’t help but love this beautiful family. Let’s take a look at five;

1. Cutest couple ever #RelationshipGoals

How else do you show your people you got love, if you don’t hold it down in the home front? No really! PDA on point; whispering sweet nothings in the full glare of the public, holding hands, those kisses, pecks, hugs, laughing out  … It gets deeper; Barack even teared up while talking about Michelle during his farewell address Tuesday night “…For the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and mother of my kids, you have been my best friend….”  Aww…so sweet!

Hmm… precious precious moments indeed! #LoveAllTheWayNoScandal: Yup, the real deal, no exaggeration, see for yourself;

2. Down to earth

Talk about keeping it real! Yes, they’re the IT family, you know America’s first family and all but hey, they still know how to relate, how about that for humility. Take for instance, Michelle when asked about how she felt about her daughters’  (Sasha and Malia) been featured on Time magazine’s list of 25 Most Influential Teens, guess her response –  “They’re not influential, they just live here!” , how about that. I mean let’s face it, she could you know go on and on about her so much of an inspiration they are to teens and how mature they are for their ages… making her proud. But no, Michelle was REAL. How about the time when a little African American boy asked to feel the PRESIDENT’s hair, just to know if it felt like his – “I want to know if my hair is just like yours,” Obama obliged! Two other typical scenarios, Making faces, showing claws, growling while reading Maurice Sendak’s children’s classic – “Where the Wild Things Are” Children’s Book to kids and inviting a kid to the White House and giving him a personal tour…How cool can you get?

3. Swaggalicious

Apparently not only does the world think Obama’s got swag, his wife Michelle in a chat with Oprah couldn’t help but gush about him been swaggalicious even from back in the day – “The way he walks…”.  One thing the Obama’s got working for them, not taking themselves too seriously – Michelle and Barack dancing with Ellen, Barack singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” at a fundraising event , let’s not forget Michelle’s “Go to College Music” where she was dishing out rapping skills advocating education is awesome, plus her workout videos, no wonder Michelle’s been described as the coolest First Lady ever. Swaggiest First Family Ever!

4. Fashion game on point

Making a statement in just about anything she wears, I mean seriously, Michelle has got her incredible fashion woven in her public persona and she’s working it real good without always having to go over the top. Her style statement – easy sophistication. She doesn’t stick to those boring First Lady cliche fashion choices – she rocks sleeveless cute dresses, delicious mono straps without apology, yeah it has been deemed “inappropriate for a First Lady” but who cares anyway. she is who she is and never allows herself to be bullied by so called public opinion! #Love!

A family that rules together, slays together!

5. Doses of Inspiration

Fact be stated, if Obama isn’t a role model, then I guess that term needs to be redefined, period! Barack Obama always inspired us to do and be better – “I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change – but in yours” , there, that’s just it, simple yet it hits your very soul, an excerpt from Obama’s Farewell 2017 speech and that’s how he always sounds – he talks from the heart, bares his soul you just want to tap into all that inspiration. He’s a manly man who isn’t afraid to show his emotions but don’t get it twisted, he can put his haters right where they belong effortlessly too. You got that right.

There you have it, five reasons why the Obamas are simply awesome! # Love

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