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Reasons Why Women Have Back-up Lovers 



A study revealed that half of all women have backup lovers.

A backup lover they can run to in case their current relationship comes to an end.

This study has sparked massive reactions from many male folks across the world; with many making jest of the female gender especially after portraying that faithful image.

Women really do have backup lovers, and stating that is just stating the obvious. Also, there is no much need to panic as not all women would have a backup lover, even findings from the study revealed that.

Not to be on the side of women who have backup lovers but women do this for some reasons and that I’d share.

Unsure of The Man

When a woman has cause to doubt the love of her man then there is this tendency that she would have a backup lover or lovers because her relationship isn’t stable enough.

Backup lover serve as that extra security to women in this kind of relationship as they know that anything can happen at any time. But why stay with a man who you aren’t sure of?

Most times, men would love to eat their cake and have it, but unlike most people say, it’s actually not a man’s world.

Men would cheat on their partner and still expect the lady to be faithful and would also cry out wolf when they suspect any sign that she’s actually cheating.

Women that have unfaithful male partner also tend to have a backup partner, and to be fair, you shouldn’t blame them.

Same way some men love to flirt is same way some women out there also love to flirt. Women that love to flirt would have as many backup lovers as possible.

To these kinds of women, they can easily call on that backup lover when ever they need them. Even if they don’t have sexual relations with the man, they would at least appreciate the fact that he admires or wants to flirt with them.

If a man doesn’t value his lady and if she isn’t sure of the future with him, she would have the tendency to have a backup lover.

Sometimes a backup lover is even more romantic than the main lover, so she just wouldn’t want to let go and lose out totally.

Sometimes the backup lover is more charming, caring, romantic and persuasive as well and this would make the lady keep him as an available substitute.

These are the major reasons women have backup lovers and majority of women out there would agree that having that backup lover would boost a woman’s self-worth; however, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s an act of insincerity.

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