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The Recklessness of Bike Riders on Lagos Roads (Photos)


The menace of bike riding in Lagos, is one so pervasive, that the former Governor of Lagos, put a ban on its indiscriminate use, around the Lagos metropolis. These bike riders are similar to the plague of locusts and flies that beset Egypt, in this case, they plague our roads: Federal and State owned. Constantly, hugging the road, unwilling to share with motorist and pedestrians, they constantly assume that they are above the law and ride in that manner. Going through one way streets, or riding through pedestrian bridges, side walks or recklessly meandering through traffic.

Most bike riders, take it a step further by driving their motorcycles, hopelessly inebriated or with a notion that they are involved in a formula one bike race competition.

Our hospitals are littered with bike accident victims, with various parts of their bodies, tightly bound, bandaged and suspended in the air.

In the photos you see is a reckless bike driver, involved in an accident with a motorist, this accident happened on Water Corporation road, Oniru. This accident happened in a split second, as nobody saw it coming, with the sound of shattering glass, splitting the air.


No one was sure of what must have been ruminating in the skull of the bike rider, that he runs into the glass of the vehicle, shattering the glass and sending himself on an emergency trip to the hospital.

Was he inebriated? Recklessly speeding? or Just distracted?

Photos by: Ovadje Elliot

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