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Religious Leader Or Financial Secretary?


It is a pervading culture on social media, where religious leaders lavishly exhibit their wealth, with gaudiness, at the expense of their members drowning in deprivation and want. If these modern day pastors are not advertising their new Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces and Benzs, they fill our eyes with their palatial homes or exotic holidays with their families. Leaving us wondering if as members, we didn’t deserve to enjoy that kind of life.

These days the part of the scriptures which says “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” is all but buried in oblivion. The new scriptures these days, is be wealthy for the lord, why that is not such a bad thing, it is a wonder that most of the members who are pious and faithful are not getting wealthy for the Lord, which is the teachings these days – wealth as reward for religious servitude.

Even worse, members are too terrified to ask questions, it would seem that trend is changing, as members of the Ajegunle Baptist Church, Agbowo Ibadan, mete out their brand of justice upon their fraudulent minister, by locking him out of the church premises. While I find this hilarious, I must confess, it is quite fitting.

According to the story, the minister of this Baptist church, Reverend Oyewole Oyekan had embezzled church funds in the sum of 4 million Naira, which members suspect may be more. He had appointed himself Minister, Treasurer and Financial Secretary, all at once. Who knows all that money under his control may increase his spirituality.

With how modern day pastors worship money, presumably money has its own anointing.

This step by members of the Ajegunle Baptist Church, Agbowo Ibadan, gives me hope, that maybe, church goers would learn to hold their religious leaders accountable for church funds left in their care. This will definitely check the ill-gotten affluence of religious leaders, at the expense of others.

We would like religious leaders to stop confusing us and choose a clear career path, Pastor or Financial Secretary?







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  1. Where then is the belief one should have in religion when the topmost beholders of the faith are as sullen as the sins they preach against. All I know is that those who are rooted in their faith get rich without blemishing their persons. As to the quote about the needle, camel and the rich man, the bible only talked about how difficult it’ll be for the rich man and did not rebuff the possibility. Take for instance, you Itohan. You are a rich man and a heavenly creature. How then will you not make heaven? Rich angel or not, you will be put aside for an exercise of trying to pass a camel through a needle.

    Lol, so I guess we just have more rotten eggs than good ones in religion today.


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